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Biscoman Biscuit
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Biscoman Biscuit

Biscoman is an amazing biscuit for coffee lovers to enjoy the taste of this sweet smelling herbaceous....

Tobachee Snack
New Product

Tobachee Snack

Tobachee snack is a pleasant surprise which your heart will beat for it, a cool mixture of shape and....

Denexir Chewing Gum

Denexir brand is registered in Iran and Europe and Moneyman Co. own it

Trolli Gummy Candy

Trolli brand has build a strong position in the gummy candy market around the world


First of this category is a candy with the taste of a ginger and coconut

Money Man Pars CoAbout

Money Man Pars Co. was founded for commercializing top brands in consumer goods market in Iran. After more than two decades of glorious success in Iran confectionary market, the management team and other shareholders decided to broaden their scope of activities, thus founded a different company to enter the new segments of FMCG market in 2013. The company’s main goal is to deliver the Premium Quality Products to the market, targeting the modern families of Iran.

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