About Money Man Pars CoAbout

Money Man Pars Co. CEOMoney Man Pars Co. was founded for commercializing top brands in consumer goods market in Iran. After more than two decades of glorious success in Iran confectionary market, the management team and other shareholders decided to broaden their scope of activities, thus founded a different company to enter the new segments of FMCG market in 2013. The company’s main goal is to deliver the Premium Quality Products to the market, targeting the modern families of Iran. Innovation  is a strong pillar of all our activities from our very first day, and it will remain so in the future.the company is collaborating with prominant international companies such as TROLLI and INDACO.

Indaco SpA among the finest Companies in Confectionery market, has been started up in 1999 by the family Cola in a plant established in 1979 where the popular Italian candies Charms and Sanagola were

produced. The Indaco s’ plant, located in industrial area of Caivano (Naples), covers 1500 mq. It is made of 7

production lines and 7 packaging lines.

The Trolli company has been in existence since 1975. Its products got such a considerable reputation for its fruity gummi candies,the company had to expand production sites around the world  to meet the continually rising demand. The branches of sites are USA, Germany,Spain, Singapore, China. Trolli satisfies all different kind of needs and desires by producing divers kind of gummi candies such as gluten free, vegiterian, Vitamins, Lactose free, marshmallow, sesonal and Halal gummy candy.