What is biscuit?

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Biscuit is a kind of food which is produced with flour.
In the middle of the day as hunger starts you go to nearer supermarket and usually the first thing that catches your eyes are biscuit and its kind which are popular among junk foods .Biscuit is a French word and is created by ship sailors and marines in worldwide war.
Maybe you didn’t heard cracker word.
Cracker is the same biscuit which is crispy in square shape and its surface is impregnated with salt or sugar particles in different flavors.
Cracker is a kind of biscuit the only difference is in its producing technology cause they use fermentation for better quality in texture and flavor.
Crackers are usually crispy, thin and fragile.


Biscoman is a biscuit which newly get in Iran’s market and according to its unique taste soon it will find its place in the market.
We recommend if you do not taste it till now do it.

Biscuits Biscoman
Biscoman Biscuit

Biscoman is produced in Iran by Moneyman Pars.
Our biscuit goes to cracker kind according to its crispy texture but because biscuit is more common we call it the same as others.
Each package is 50 grams and it’s for one person and one meal.

Specifications of this biscuit:

  • Unique cappuccino taste
  • Has milk
  • Has natural coffee powder
  • Daily date and best price
  • Its special package which is designed in Moneyman has its flavor spirit. When you open it you see a thin biscuits rows which are in a plastic bowl with brown color and sugar particles on surface for decoration.
coffe and cookie
coffe and cookie

Prediction of biscuit market in Iran

Biscuit usage in Iran is so low and this is because of user’s low information about it.
Also it should be mentioned that for extending biscuit process not much is done in Iran. And most Iranian families don’t use biscuit regularly and items like bread and cakes are more important for them.

Iran’s market perspective

It’s expected that biscuit usage grow in the market prediction period.
Also low usage of biscuit and the desire to experiment new flavors and qualities are two items to advancement of its usage in Iran’s market.

Biscuits biscoman

Biscuit worldwide market perspective

Biscuit market in world has hopeful days and we will see a stable growing in the near future. New innovations continually helps this products market affirmatively. It’s expected to have its USD value by the end of 2022 to reach to 125 milliard dollar. The new tastes, flavors and grains in new shape, packaging and good presentations makes people in every age to try this product. This innovations especially in packaging strongly helps producers. Researches shows that one person packages which are new, healthy and portable and has reasonable price has a good effect on it. Also according to peoples worries about product health it shows if the food sticks be more legible with more details and honestly, it will have more chance to be chose by customer. In latest years fancy of salty biscuits or the same cracker are growing because there is less sugar used in it.


Effective factors on biscuit worldwide demand

  • Townspeople growing
  • Income growing
  • Busy lifestyles which makes the need of easy and simple food reaching.
  • High food value to other junk food

Variety of this products which was luxurious is now growing its usage in all kind of costumers.

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