Moneyman Pars Co. is launching candy products with special flavor for the first time. First of this category is a candy with the taste of a ginger and coconut, and in the near future other interesting flavors will be added to this basket.

Candymandy ginger candy

Candymandy ginger candy

Candymandy ginger candy with special flavor and unique ingredients is produced for the first time by Moneyman Pars and is launched in market.

This candy has many profits. Ginger is a vegetable with warm fuzzies which mixing it with coconut give it a lovely taste.

We can use the profits of these two vegetables with mixing them together. Because of that our producing part mixed these two flavors with milk to invent a new taste so you can feel two different tastes together by chewing this oval form candy. But ginger sharp taste is excels the taste of coconut.

These candies with 120 grams and 1 kilograms packages are now available in market.

Candymandy tamarind candy

Candymandy tamarind candy

Candymandy milky toffee

Candymandy milky toffee

Candymandy caramel toffee

Candymandy caramel toffee


Introducing ginger vegetable

For centuries Chinese, Indian, Japanese and Greek doctors mention ginger as a medicine for treating a wide range of disease like migraine, cholera and colon polyps.

According to common believe, using of this spice started from South East Asia.

Originally ginger is Chinese and Indian vegetable and they are using it for cooking for over 4000 years now.


Ginger health benefits

-Ginger is like a natural exposure, if you chew it you won’t cough

-Excellent for reducing weight and getting slimmer

-Cure for nausea, stomach gas and indigestion

-Cure for a cold, fever of flu and sore throat

-For pains such as menstruation and headache

-Cure for swollen joints

-Cancer prevention

-For hearth strength

-Circulatory flow stimulator

-Food digesting stimulator

-Anti cough

-Anti clothing and anti-inflammatory

Of course the point that cannot easily cross over it is to pay attention to the candy production date. Because you can only expect these cures from ginger if it’s fresh and it won’t be long time since its production.

So for ginger candy we advise you to buy domestic production so you will help countries domestic production and also you will have fresher and healthier product.

Candy production history

The history of candy industry dates back to decades.

Because in the past sugar had a special value the candy usage was not like now and it was offered as luxury product.

For 20 years ago, 90% of world’s candy production was in hand of five European country such as German, Turkey, Austria, Belgium and England.

But in the last years the technology of this product producing reached to the other continents of the world and in our country, there were also great steps in the industrial production of these products. Perhaps now Iran is one of the best producer of this candy in the Middle East.

Candy is a kind of sweet that most part of it contains sugar or other sweeteners.

Ginger and Lemon Tea

Of course, they also contain organic acids, essential oils and various colors. The moisture content of the candy is extremely low and almost dry.

Candies are in different kind such as simple, milky, fruity and brawny. Of course there is sugar free kind too that legal sweeteners are used in it.

Candymandy ginger candy is a thick blend of sugar with water and lacqueramel plus natural extract of ginger and coconut, with added flavors and colorants.

Candy word is from Turkish word (QAND).