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Jar Chewing Gum

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The Moneyman Co. has provided the product with a high quality worldwide and has succeeded in marketing and sales programs to the Iranian market.

Denexir brand is registered in Iran and Europe and Moneyman Co. own it.

Denexir flavors and packaging have been selected on the basis of data from consumer and market research projects that will be launched in the early months of the Long Expression brand launcher.

The product and great quality packaging is done by Italian Indaco Company.

Advice and cooperation of the best branding, marketing and sales specialists of Iran have been used to offer a successful product to the market.

Choosing brand name for chewing gum

Den + exir: Meaning …………..

Den + Exir: (tooth) and (Elixir, Kimia, and X represent Xylitol, a good sugar for the health of your teeth)

Choosing the right package for entering market:

10 packs

Flip or smoking packing

Choosing the right flavor for entering market:

Chewing gum history

Mash Plant Gum

– Gum is one of the oldest snacks in the world, which has been used in various forms and flavors.

– Greeks introduce chewing gum to the world.

– Ancient Greeks chew Mash Plant Gum for below purposes:

1) Mouth cleaning

2) Breathing good smell

– This day’s chewing gum first produced in USA in 1860.

– For producing this gum they used Gum Chicken Plant.

– Chewing gum word is coming from Thomas Adams.Mastic plant

– Thomas Adams in 1870 made gum in the factory and sold it by automation in New York.

– In Iran, gum grass was used as a natural gum.

– Turquoise has been prescribed by renowned doctors such as Abu Ali Sina to treat gastrointestinal diseases.

– Iran started producing today’s chewing gum 50 years ago.

– Tavoos and Tuti represent the leaders of gum in Iran.

– In 1335 Khoroos chewing gum in 4 packs and green color entered market

– Tavoos and tuti lost their place in market after Khoroos entered market.


Khoroos chewing gumTuti chewing gum


Ingredients and specialty of Denexir chewing gum

-Denexir is sugar free with xylitol

-Denexir is without Aspartame

-Denexir is without Gluten

-Xylitol is a sweetener getting used instead of sugar and its celery is 40 times less than sugar

– In addition to sweetening, it reduces tooth decay and improves oral and dental health.

– The primary bacteria responsible for dental caries do not have the ability to fermentation of xylitol, since xylitol, unlike other sugars, has a short carbon chain.

– Xylitol does not pose a risk to diabetics because it is absorbed very slowly and therefore has no effect on insulin levels and blood glucose levels.

-Denexir Contains essential oils with long lasting durability

chewing gum

Benefits of chewing gum for health

Eliminating bad breath and breath taking

-Tooth brushing and whitening

– Preventing decay and forming dental plaques

– Reduce dry mouth and gum bleeding

– Help digest food and reduce gastric reflux

– Reduce stress and tension

– Improve focus, memory and learning ability

– Reduced nicotine in smokers

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