Peanut snack and velvety dreams

Tobachee Peanut snack

Sometimes you are with a group of friends and want to do something exciting or try a new and healthy taste. Tobachee peanut snack is a bulky corn snack with strong flavor of peanut that can make an unforgettable memory for you and your friends.

Parmesan and Cheddar cheese snack and April mornings

Tobachee Parmesan and Cheddar cheese snack

Best controlled raw materials are this snack original specification. This unique taste with creating nostalgic feelings will make a great enjoyable times for the customer.

Tobachee mission

Tobachee is a brand which started his brand in food industry with producing a group of innovative snacks with healthy ingredients, innovative and different. Tobachee which is a journey of healthy taste, thinks its consumer audience are people with youthful spirit who are seeking for new things and also put their health the head of their life. Tobachee is the creator of amazing world and endless colorful ideas. The way that a tourist is curios to discover new lands, Tobachee consumers are enjoying discovering it with assurance about the product health. This dreamy brand, with bright colors, dreamful pictures and new and lovely taste creates a warm and lovely dream for you.

Brand identity

Tobachee is exciting and we can similar it with a feeling of readiness for challenge. Tobachee is encourager of youthful spirit. Spirit which is mixed with adventure. Tobachees aim is to crate products with new property. Tobachee is an endless recapture. Tobachee is like a molt which cause metamorphosis. Tobachee is an endless surprise. This circular is endless, have you ever thought of an end for colorful world of ideas. Tobachee addressed you like a curios adventurer seeking new discoveries.

Tobachee snack is a pleasant surprise which your heart will beat for it, a cool mixture of shape and taste that gather friends and after that is excitement, laughing and adventure.
This is how Tobachee story starts and you will not forget it.