Trolli Hot Dog Gummi

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Trolli Mini Burger Gummi

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Trolli Rainbow Sticks Gummi

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Trolli Cola Bottles Gummi

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Trolli Bears Gummi

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Trolli Pizza Gummi

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Moneyman Pars Co. started working with German Trolli as sole distributor since October 2016.

The policies of choosing Trolli products in Iran are as follows:

Build a strong position in the gummy candy market around the world as the most innovative in the field of gummy candies production.

-Product that have German originality.

-Products that first was created by Medererr group.

-Best selling product group.

-Favorite products: products that are selling in more than 33 countries and areas word wild.



Trolli Gummy Candy Cartoon

Who is Trolli?

Mr. Willy Medererr started his work with getting a place to cook noodles and pastas, then in 1948 with sugar using being legal, production line for sweet and chocolate started alongside gummy candies.

In 1975, fruity gummy candy launched and Trolli brand got created by Herbert Medererr.

Trolli spreading in the world

Trolli spreading in the worldIn 1995 Iberikay factory in Spain started producing.

In 1996 Trolli factory started producing in Indonesia.

In 1998 Trolli bought Efrutti Co. a producer of gummy candy in Germans Neonberg.

In 2000 gummy bear CO. gummy candy producer in Germans Hagna set up by Trolli.

In 2000 Trolli’s factory in Buhemia of Republic check started producing.

In 2001 Trolli’s China factory settled up a production line for new gummy candies in Guangzhou.

In 2002 the new brand of e.frutti introduced to USA, Canada and Mexico.


What is Gummy candy?

-The main type of gummy candies are made from sugar, glucose syrup, flavors, edible colors and gelatin.

– Gummy candies are kind of small rubbery candies that are available in form of little bears, lanterns, frogs, small burgers, strawberries, sour cherries, soda bottles, apples, oranges and other lovely shapes.

What is Gummy candy?

In fact, the use of gelatin in the manufacture and production of gummy candies can make it a jelly state and when eating in the mouth, it gets watery and makes it more viscous.


Gummy candy profits

{Profits for skin}

-Gelatin contains natural amino acids that are good for skin, hair and nail.Trolli Gummy Candy's Cartoon Character

-Helps to rebuild new cells.

-Prevents skin aging symptoms.

-Gelatin is suitable for healing scabies.

-The collagen in gelatin retains the skins elasticity.

{Gelatin in gummy candies, known as bine glue}

-Helps prevent osteoporosis.

-Collagen in gummy candy has direct anti-inflammatory effects and has direct effects on the joints and reduces joint pains.

-Gelatin has a significant effect on bone density and body weight (specially the tight bone).

-The best food for the elderly.

{Gummy candy gelatin, digestive disease treatment}

-Gelatin, by increasing digestive power, produce mucosal mucosa in the stomach.

-Gelatin can help digestion and absorb nutrients in the stomach.

-Gelatin reduces bowel inflammation in people with intestinal symptoms.

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